Opportunity to Conserve Trampe Ranch

In 1901, a young schoolteacher from Illinois rode his bicycle to the top of Marshall Pass and first saw the breathtaking valley at the headwaters of the Gunnison River.  Soon he moved to Gunnison and married, settling on 160 acres north of town that remains the headquarters of Trampe Ranch.  

Over the next century, the ranch grew by many more acres and became a thriving cow/calf operation.  Today the grandson of that original mountain biker manages a complex and sustainable ranching enterprise along rushing rivers and on the slopes above.

The Trampe Ranch pastures today are the scenic backdrop, agricultural heart, and water and wildlife resource for a treasured landscape that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

We now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect in perpetuity this working ranch that reaches from the north of Gunnison all the way to Gothic, alongside the East and Gunnison Rivers.  The Trampe family has enlisted The Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, Gunnison Legacy and other partners to place conservation easements on the ranch, helping ensure the quality of life and quality of place that residents and visitors will benefit from for generations.

Families Continue to Protect Lands

The Ross family donated a conservation easement on 102 acres along Castle Creek in the Upper Ohio Creek Valley. This project is adjacent to other conserved lands and the Gunnison National Forest.  The Ross Castle Creek project creates a valuable corridor of conservation in an area with considerable agricultural activity.

The Cesario family donated a 294-acre conservation easement to add to their existing conservation in Upper Muddy Creek near Kebler Pass.  The Bar K Ranch includes more than 1,000 acres of high country grazing lands that will now be protected in perpetuity by the generosity of the Cesario family.

GRCL would like to thank the Ross and Cesario families completing projects that continue to protect the agricultural lands and heritage of our community.  GRCL currently has 15 active conservation projects totaling more than 10,000 acres.  Please check back often for more project updates!

Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy exists to serve landowners in the conservation easement process. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, GRCL works on behalf of conservation-minded landowners to place conservation easements on lands in the Gunnison Valley. Services offered by GRCL include:

  • helping landowners assess their needs and future plans.

  • finding an appropriate land trust.

  • obtaining funding to pay for conservation easements.

  • completing legal and technical aspects of the transaction.

Over the last 20 years, GRCL has helped families preserve more than 29,000 acres of ranchland.

Conserve Ranchlands.  Preserve Ranching.

Consider Supporting Ranchland Conservation in the Gunnison Basin 

GRCL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions help us provide professional expertise to guide landowners through their conservation projects and to match grants for conservation easements.  Grants generally require matching funds equal to at least 25% of the total cost of the project.  

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