Happy Holidays!

This holiday season consider a gift of beautiful cards by artist Barb East that depict the many seasons and activities of ranching here in the Gunnison valley.  All proceeds benefit GRCL and cards may be purchased at The Local Market, 3 Rivers Resort, Gunnison Chamber of Commerce, and Gunnison Shipping or call the GRCL office at (970) 641-4386.

We need your help.  

Consider a tax-deductible donation to conserve ranchlands and preserve ranching in the Gunnison valley.  


Conserve Ranchlands

Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy exists to serve landowners in the conservation easement process.  A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, GRCL acts as an intermediary for conservation-minded landowners. Services offered by GRCL include:

  • helping landowners assess their needs and future plans.

  • finding an appropriate land trust.

  • obtaining funding to pay for conservation easements.

  • completing legal and technical aspects of the transaction.

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Preserve Ranching

Gunnison Valley Ranching is an outreach program that aims to support the preservation of ranching as a viable agricultural industry in the Gunnison Country.  
Through unbiased, factual information of the highest quality, we want to incorporate ranchland preservation and the business of ranching into larger community conversations, policies and endeavors.

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